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Application Security Solutions

With more enterprises adopting digital approaches to conduct their businesses, the need for application security has increased. Previously, companies neglected security in software design, but with the wave of cyber attacks, it’s a non-negotiable at every app development stage. Therefore, application security holistically refers to all security measures designed at the application level to checkmate external security threats in the form of data or code hijacking. As one of the best cybersecurity companies in the industry, we’ve seen the damage these malicious threats can wreak on an enterprise. This is why we’ve curated effective application-level security solutions to improve your organisation’s security posture

What is Application Security Solutions?

Application Security involves making applications more secure at all stages of the software development lifecycle.

Commonly referred to as App Sec, application security in its entirety is security measures involving software, hardware, best practices, and techniques to detect, remediate, and prevent the emergence of flaws, threats and vulnerabilities. Application security is prioritised at all stages of the application development life cycle, from analysis to design, testing, deployment and maintenance. It reduces the chances of threat actors gaining unauthorised access to your network. With Mindfire’s application security controls, you can fortify your business’ network and applications. Mindfire’s application security controls encompass techniques that improve an application’s security during the coding stage. By feeding in specific access control codes during the development stage, the entire application becomes less vulnerable to malicious actors. Also, as an added layer of security, Mindfire deploys its fuzzing techniques to test which unexpected values create potential vulnerabilities in the application.

application security solutions

How Mindfire’s application security services work?

Mindfire’s application security services aim to prevent malicious actors from accessing, retrieving, modifying or corrupting sensitive data from your organisation’s application. Our app sec protocol involves security controls which, according to NIST, are countermeasures prescribed for organisations to protect their confidentiality while meeting security requirements. These security controls or countermeasures include application firewalls, routers that prevent the IP address of computers from being visible over the internet, antivirus programs, encryption and decryption tools, not to mention vulnerability assessment tools to scan and remediate threats in applications and SaaS. These controls are deployed at diverse levels of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

What Mindfire’s application security services offer

Mindfire’s application security services diversify into cloud, web, IoT and mobile application security. Therefore, our security controls extend to the endpoints of operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows as they assess the applications in these employee and user OS devices for security issues.

Our cloud application security services feature policies, processes and controls that facilitate data security and application protection in collaborative cloud environments. Lastly, Mindfire’s web application security protects HTTP applications from exploitation by threat actors. For the holistic application security of all mobile, IoT, web and cloud environments, Mindfire deploys a series of tests or scans.

Our application security testing improves the resilience of applications to threats and vulnerabilities by revealing and remediating weaknesses at the application level. This is done with specific tools at different stages of the software development life cycle.

Mindfire’s application security controls can be categorised by function, and they include:


Application security testing controls
Keeps vulnerabilities at bay while the application is being developed.

Access control safeguards, including authentication and authorisation
Prevents unauthorised and unauthenticated access to application resources.

Encryption controls
Used to obfuscate and encrypt sensitive data at various application layers.

Logging controls
Tracks application activities for testing application performance and reporting identified threats.

These tools include:

  • Web application firewall (WAF)
  • Static application security testing (SAST)
  • Dynamic application security testing (DAST)
  • Interactive application security testing (IAST)
  • Pen testing
  • Software composition analysis (SCA)
  • Mobile application security testing (MAST)
  • Run-time application security protection (RASP).

In addition to these tools, Mindfire also offers API security, advanced bot protection, DDoS protection, and attack analysis and reporting.

Why you need Mindfire’s Application Security

It would be best if you had application security solutions from a service provider like Mindfire Cybersecurity for multiple reasons, including:

Risk minimisation

Cyber threats and vulnerabilities pose severe risks to one’s business. If such a threat gains access to critical data in the organisation’s application, the repercussions could be so damaging that the business might not recover. Hence, your organisation needs Mindfire’s robust app sec to minimise business risks.

Checkmate coding errors

Mindfire’s application security guarantees the application’s security at every SDLC stage. Therefore, with AppSec, coding errors which could allow unverified inputs, data exfiltration or SQL injections are checkmated at various stages of the application’s life cycle, even after the application is deployed.

Checkmate coding errors

Mindfire’s application security guarantees the application’s security at every SDLC stage. Therefore, with AppSec, coding errors which could allow unverified inputs, data exfiltration or SQL injections are checkmated at various stages of the application’s life cycle, even after the application is deployed.

Application security is a vital part of application development that identifies and mitigates flaws, vulnerabilities and threat actions at the application level of the software development life cycle. These flaws could stem from the developer’s errors, and AppSec helps organisations find them at each SDLC stage before threat actors exploit them after the software’s deployment. Mindfire’s application security system is integrated with intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) to further enhance your enterprise’s cybersecurity posture. We are committed to the holistic security of your applications, networks and endpoints.

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