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What is API / Web Services Security Assessment?

API is a simple software that facilitates the exchange of your company's most sensitive data

API (Application Programming Interfaces) is a simple software that facilitates the exchange of your company's most sensitive data. They can be used for order processing, payment confirmation, data collection, and other tasks. As a result, APIs are essential for big businesses selling online and new enterprises. Like any other software, APIs are prone to bugs and errors. And it is these errors that give hackers entry points to exploit and access sensitive medical, financial, and/or personal data. These vulnerabilities impact any application and website that uses that API. In short, a single error may disrupt your business and hundreds or thousands of consumers and firms that use your API.

That is why API / Web Services Testing is critical. An API assessment ensures that your web services are well-protected from any threats and data leaks. Our team has extensive expertise in building APIs and safeguarding them from threats. We can assist you in assessing the security of your API by uncovering faults and recommending solutions.

Common Reasons for API / Web Services Threats

Many APIs are public by default and accessible to anybody with the proper credentials.

If you're not vigilant, hackers will be able to steal your data. However, apart from data being stolen, other reasons for API security breaches can be to: Therefore, API testing is critical in ensuring the security of your web services and the personal data housed within them. By recognising possible dangers and weaknesses, you can secure your data from hackers and keep your firm safe from invasion.

API/ Web Security Assessment Services

What distinguishes API security from general application security?

Here are some significant features of API security that set it apart from conventional security:

Many access points and no guards

Traditionally, conventional networks had to defend just popular ports such as 80 (HTTP) and 443. (HTTPS). Today's online apps have several API endpoints that employ various protocols. As APIs tend to expand over time, even one API might make security problematic.

Clients seldom use web browsers

Most service or microservice APIs are accessed using mobile applications and other services. Web security technologies cannot employ browser verification since these clients do not use a browser. It is sometimes tricky to exclude artificial traffic from API endpoints in solutions that rely on browser verification to detect dangerous bots.

Incoming request forms that vary frequently

APIs snowball in a DevOps context, and most WAFs (Web Application Firewalls) cannot support this flexibility. Traditional security tools require manual tweaking and reconfiguration every time an API changes, which is an error-prone procedure that costs resources and time.

Why choose Mindfire for API / Web Services security testing?

At Mindfire, we specialise in API testing services to keep your web services safe from threats and data leaks

Our experts use the latest tools and techniques to identify potential security issues before they become a real problem. We ensure that all of your APIs are up-to-date with the latest security patches, so you can rest assured that no unauthorised access will be allowed. Here's why you should consider us for your API security needs:

Ease of Creating Tests

Mindfire provides developers and testers with automated tools and frameworks to validate and verify user interfaces, APIs, and databases.

Increased Test Coverage

We run tests with real-world data on virtualised infrastructure, actual browsers, or generated data.

Automate Your CI/CD Process

Our test automation solutions include out-of-the-box plugins for primary CI servers like Jenkins and a CLI for others.

Savings on Expenses

See immediate ROI and savings with simple tools you can test and deploy before purchasing.

Debugging Time Reduction

We continually run automated tests to give your team faster feedback while minimising troubleshooting and resolution time.

Comprehensive Support for Programming Languages

Our tools work with your preferred languages like Python, JavaScript, and others right out of the box.

Mindfire step-by-step approach to API/ Web Services Security Testing

SOAP and REST are two fundamental architectural paradigms in modern APIs.

SOAP is a highly organised communications system that supports various low-level protocols. REST is a more straightforward approach to APIs that uses HTTP/S as the transport protocol and JSON format for data transmission.

When preparing for an API security audit, we analyse your resources, including how you arrange data internally and if you expose any sensitive endpoints through REST or SOAP. We will utilise automation tools to perform tests against your system after we thoroughly grasp it. This enables us to spot concerns before they become a problem. Here's a rundown of Mindfire's methodology:

Our team of experienced testers are constantly using the latest technology to identify potential vulnerabilities in API and Web Services. We have a vast arsenal of hacking tools and techniques at our disposal, making Mindfire one of the most comprehensive providers. Contact us today to protect your website's API from being compromised.

Set up the API test environment
We configure the servers, databases, and every resource with which the API interacts, depending on the software requirements.

Create API testing guidelines
To plan API tests, we must first define testing boundaries and requirements. We answer questions concerning the API's purpose, intended customers, and testing goals.

Perform a test API request
We then ensure that nothing is broken and the API is working.

Establish the input settings
Further, we make a list of all potential input combinations. And then, use them in test cases to authenticate the results and determine if the API works as expected.

Develop API test cases
After completing all the preparations, we design and execute test cases before comparing the actual outcomes to the predicted ones.

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