The Industry’s Only SaaS Solution for Enterprise DLP

Our unique approach to DLP allows for quick deployment and on-demand scalability, while providing full data visibility and no-compromise protection

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Platform Overview

The Industry’s Only SaaS Solution for Enterprise DLP


No-compromise data protection for your no-compromise organization. Our platform, powered by AWS, performs on traditional endpoints, across the corporate network, and cloud applications, making it easier to see and block threats to sensitive information. Cloud-delivered means simplified deployment, cross platform coverage for no gaps, and flexible controls to stop the riskiest behavior. Available either as SaaS or managed service deployment, Digital Guardian gives you the deployment flexibility to match your enterprise needs.


  • Analytics & Reporting Cloud
  • Endpoint Agent
  • Network Appliance
  • Management Console


Detect and respond to threats faster and more efficiently, regardless of the threat, with big data cloud services powered by AWS.


Delivers the deepest visibility and control available on the market across Windows, macOS, and Linux. Capabilities range from logging to blocking threats to your data.


Supports compliance by protecting data at rest and data in motion with low overhead using Database Record Matching fingerprinting technology.


Enables setting up your platform, including configuring and deploying agents. Create and manage policies, alerts, and reports.



No-compromise data protection means the flexibility to adapt to your needs. Digital Guardian is unique among DLP solutions in its ability to support both a use case-based approach (known data types or user groups) or a data risk discovery approach (identifying unknown use cases). Our risk discovery approach enables you to gain visibility by showing you where sensitive data is located, how it flows in the organization, and where it is put at risk, all without policies


No-compromise data protection delivers greater effectiveness and higher performance through a more efficient platform. Powered by AWS, the Digital Guardian data protection platform gives you enterprise data protection without the complexity. You get rapid deployment, reduced overhead, and instant scalability to allow you to run a more effective information security program.


No-compromise data protection means full OS, browser, and app coverage. Employing an enterprise DLP solution that supports less than complete visibility leaves big gaps in your data protection program. Digital Guardian is alone in investing in feature-rich enterprise visibility and controls across the leading operating systems, browsers, and applications.


Digital Guardian provides you with the power to ensure sensitive data never gets out in the first place - no matter how the data is modified or where it goes. These controls, including log, alert, prompt, block, and encrypt, deliver the situational granularity needed so they don't get in the way of legitimate business.


Effective cybersecurity is an ecosystem, organization need tight integrations throughout their security infrastructure to eliminate coverage gaps. Digital Guardian has developed custom applications and leverages APIs to integrate with the products you already own.

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