Data-Centric Security is the New Data Protection

OEnterprises have spent billions protecting IT infrastructure consisting of networks, devices, and applications for the purpose of protecting the “real” asset – the data.

The question becomes is it necessary and sufficient to protect IT infrastructure to protect data?


Data-Centric Security

Best-of-Breed Data Security Solutions

Take control of your destiny. With Seclore’s Data-Centric Security Platform you can unify best-of-breed Data-Centric Security solutions into a cohesive, automated framework without added integration costs.

While DLP, Classification, and Rights Management each have their strengths, together they ensure documents are properly protected and tracked wherever they travel. And let’s not forget your existing Enterprise systems! EFSS, eMail, ECM, Directories, and SIEM can be easily added to the framework to further automate the process.


We’re Better Together

Seamlessly unite best-in-class DLP, Data Classification, Rights Management and SIEM systems into an automated process for superior information security without added integration costs.


You Need a Conductor to Make Beautiful Music

The Seclore Unified Policy Manager enables you to orchestrate identity management, policy management, connectivity, encryption, and the collection of document usage insights.


Use What you Have

Leverage your existing Enterprise Systems into the Data-Centric Process to further automate the protection of documents as they are shared and downloaded.

Rights Management

Protect your trade secrets

Protect your trade secrets, intellectual property, and customer data with Enterprise Digital Rights Management Solutions. Seclore Rights Management is the only browser-based security solution that protects sensitive information, digital assets, and documents and tracks wherever they travel with granular, persistent usage data security controls.



Protect digital content and intellectual property and share seamlessly with authorized users using different protection methods.



Enable easy access to Seclore-protected files to employees and external third-parties on any device, format, and platform.

Track & Revoke


Track Seclore protected files to see who has accessed it, what they’ve done, and when.
Revoke access for any user at any time to ensure that sensitive content is no longer accessible.

Email Encryption Plus

Enterprise Email Encryption & Protection Solutions

Protect the sensitive data in emails and share confidently with email encryption software or solution.
Seclore Email Encryption Plus protects sensitive data in emails throughout their lifecycle with granular, persistent usage data security controls – without any user intervention.



Add usage controls on outgoing and incoming emails without user intervention to protect emails and attachments.



Enable easy access and utilization of Seclore-protected emails and attachments by employees and external third parties on any device, format, and platform.

Track & Revoke


Track email and attachments to see who has accessed it, what they’ve done, and when.

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